Amifostina 2D
Brand name: Ethyol
IUPAC: 2-[(3-aminopropyl)amino]ethanethiol dihydrogen phosphate (ester)
FDA approval: Yes

Amifostine is injected intravenously in the hospital just prior to the administration of radiation treatment or chemotherapy.  Amifostine is used in a wide variety of cancers in order to reduce nausea during chemotherapy treatments.    


Amifostine is a cytoprotectant, which are used as additional medications to protect against the harms of main treatment.1  Amifostine is used in conjunction with chemotherapy agents (Ex: Cisplatin, Cyclophosphamide and Paclitaxel) to reduce their nephrotoxic and neurotoxic effects that cause fever and infection.2  

The molecular structure below shows the 3D conformer Amifostine. 

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Side effects:

Amifostine has a variety of side effects, including: nausea, vomiting, extreme chills or warmth, fever, drowsiness.1

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