Imagen de Allopurinol
Brand name: Zyloprim
Brand name: Lopurin
Brand name: Aloprim
IUPAC: 1,5-Dihydro-4H-pyrazolo[3,4-d ]pyrimidin-4-one
FDA approval: Yes

Allopurinol is used in treatment of gout, high levels of acidity and prevention of gout attacks, which can be a side effects of certain cancer medications. Prescribed as an oral tablet, Allopurinol is taken once or twice a day after a meal.1  

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Described as a xanthine oxidase inhibitor, Allopurinol promotes the reduction of uric acid in the body.1


The structure below shows the 3D conformer Allopurinol. 

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Side effects:

Allopurinol can increase the number of gout attacks suffered in the initial months of its use.  Other side effects could include: upset stomach, diarrhea and drowsiness.1

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