Cancer Treatment Terms

The following videos were conceived and developed by a team at the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University. The videos were not created by CancerQuest, but are presented here with the permission of the WCI team.

Cancer, and cancer treatment can be very confusing and scary. The videos below are intended to explain cancer-related terms that cancer patients should know.

Videos on this page:


What is cancer?


What are cancer stages?

What is radiation therapy?


What is chemotherapy?


What is a port?


What is an infusion?



What is a chemotherapy cycle?

What is curative cancer treatment?


What is palliative cancer treatment?


What is drug toxicity?


What are side effects of cancer treatment?


What is the immune system?

What does 'risk of infection' mean?


What is a blood count?


What is a transfusion?


What is a biopsy?


What is maintenance chemotherapy?


What is fatigue?


What is nausea?


What is cancer-related numbness?

These videos can also be found on the CancerQuest YouTube channel.