Natural Products Can Block Cancer.

Manzana con la cáscara, uvas y romero

Last month, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin examined 142 natural compounds and nutrients to see their effects on prostate cancer cells. A few of the nutrients were found to be more potent than some current cancer drugs. The researchers then fed the chemicals to mice with cancer and were able to reduce tumor growth with some of the nutrients. A few nutrients stood out during their research. These included: ursolic acid, which is found in apple peels and rosemary; curcumin, which is found in turmeric; and resveratrol, which is found in red grapes and berries. The chemicals used, which are found in turmeric, apple peels, and green tea – were all shown to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is an important risk factor for cance and by minimizing inflammation the risk of cancer was lowered as well. The results also showed that the helpful chemicals alter many different things in the cancer cells, blocking their growth. Importantly, the natural chemicals were not toxic and did not make the animals sick.1

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