DDPA 2009-2010 Seminars

CancerQuest works with the Drug Development and Pharmacogenomics Academy (DDPA) at the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University to present scientific seminars from leading researchers in the fields of basic and clinical cancer research and drug development.

Seminars from the DDPA's 2009-2010 calendar:

Dr. Rafi Ahmed
Title: "Immunological Strategies for Treating Chronic Viral Infections"
Date: 10/28/2009
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Dr. Sagar Lonial
Title: "Targeting Signaling in Myeloma"
Date: 11/18/2009
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Dr. Michael Comb
Title: "Surveying Signaling Networks & Protein Modifications in Disease"
Date: 12/02/2009
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Dr. Alex Sparreboom
Title: "Organic Cation Transporters and Cisplatin Nephrotoxicity"
Date: 02/03/2010
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Dr. Jacques Galipeau
Title: "Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Suppression of Autoimmune Response. From discovery to reverse engineering of novel therapeutic fusokines."
Date: 02/17/2010
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Dr. Jeffrey Engleman
Title: "Signaling Pathways Underlying Oncogene Addiction and Resistance"
Date: 03/03/2010
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Dr. Jean Pierre Issa
Title: "Epigenetic Therapy"
Date: 03/31/2010
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Dr. Frank Slack
Title: "MicroRNAs as Potential Diagnostics and Therapeutics in Cancer"
Date: 04/07/2010
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Dr. Scott Lippman
Title: "Cancer Prevention-Therapy Convergence"
Date: 05/04/2010
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Dr. Shakun Malik
Title: "Defining Success in Oncology Drug Development"
Date: 05/13/2010
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