Intro to the Drug Discovery and Pharmacogenomics Academy (DDPA)

The Drug Development and Pharmacogenomics Academy (DDPA), sponsored by the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, is comprised of a series of lectures given by leaders in drug discovery and development. The seminar series offers a lineup of basic scientists, clinical researchers, and biostatisticians presenting an A to Z view of the drug pipeline and steps involved in discovering and developing effective pharmaceuticals.

The lectures and discussions focus on all aspects of drug development, from discovery and preclinical development to clinical drug development, all the way through to regulatory approval and public policy.

CancerQuest works with the DDPA to film and present the lecture series online. Most of the lectures are accompanied by PowerPoint® slides that are synchronized with the talk.

Click on the links below to view a lecture:

More information about the Academy and registration forms to attend upcoming lectures are available on the Winship Cancer Institute website. CME credit is available for individual seminars or the entire course of lectures.