Cancer Education Posters

CancerQuest has developed 3D posters to educate students, patients and others about skin and cervical cancer. With the help of donors, we have been able to send out posters across the globe at no cost to recipients.  The current high demand for the posters exceeds our resources so we are asking that users interested in getting a poster make a donation of $8 or more to cover the cost of producing, packaging and shipping the posters and 3D glasses.

The posters measure approximately 19" x 28" and each one contains a single large 3D (anaglyph) image and several 2D graphics.  Each poster measures approximately 19 3/4" wide x 27 3/4" high.  They are printed on glossy 100 lb paper and are in full color.

To learn more or to get a poster choose from the list below or view the pages that follow.

Cervical Cancer
Skin Cancer