The Education Center

This section contains several types of 'formal'  and informal education tools (seminars, lectures, lesson plans) as well as videos about medical tests and interviews with cancer survivors and researchers.  Browse the following sections:

Patient Education Videos - Learn about medical test results and watch videos about cancer detection and diagnosis techniques. This section also contains a fully integrated breast cancer education tool; COMPASS: Breast Cancer Edition

Teaching Materials - Get lesson plans.  Go here to download PowerPoint® presentations and more for teaching about cervical cancer and skin cancer.  We have also developed 3D posters about these cancers that we send out for free. 

This is also the place to watch our eleven minute documentary (animation) about how cancer develops, grows and spreads.

Interviews with Patients and Researchers - Current and former cancer patients share their stories. Researchers present their work on cancer prevention, detection and treatment

Lectures - The lectures series presented here cover cancer biology and the process of drug discovery/development.  We also present  Drug Discovery and Pharmacogenomics Academy seminars from the Winship Cancer Institute's of Emory University.  Learn about the newest developments in cancer research.  Also in this section, view the most current information about clinical research and clinical trials from the technical working groups of the Georgia CORE.

Cancer History Timelines - Two timelines are presented, the Hisory of Cancer and the History of Cancer Detection.  Both have full references.

Educational Games - Check out your knowledge about cancer with a variety of interactive games designed to challenge and entertain.  These  'edutainment' games are great for students of all ages.

Posters - We have developed two educational posters (skin and cervical cancer) for use in classrooms, clinics and other locations.  The posters contain 3D graphics and contain information about cancer detection, biology, prevention and myths.

Cancer Education CDs and DVDs - CancerQuest, with the support of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University have developed CDs and DVDs for patients and others. Topics addressed include breast cancer detection and diagnosis and gastrostomy  tubes (G tubes or feeding tubes).

Quizzes - Quizzes are present throughout the site to allow users to check their knowledge and get instant feedback.  No grades, no points, just an easy way to find out how you are taking it all in.

Additional Resources - We've compiled a short list of reputable sources of additional information on the Web and in books.