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Introduction to Patient Information

CancerQuest was created to provide easy-to-understand and authoritative information about cancer biology and treatment.  Our patient information content includes:

What is cancer? - This section describes what makes cancer cells different from normal cells and some common cancer-related terms are introduced.

Cancer by Type - Contains detailed information about some of the most common cancer types. Additional cancer types are added regularly.

Cancer Prevention - Provides unbiased information about many different foods/chemicals/activities that have been examined for their ability to prevent/reduce cancer.

Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer - This section contains general information about the detection and diagnosis of cancer as well as detailed information about a large number of specific medical tests used to detect/diagnose cancer.  Additional information describes the staging ad pathology of cancer.

Cancer Treatment - Many different cancer treatments are described in this section.  Information is available about the ways that cancer treatments work as well as details about specific cancer drugs and treatments.

Side Effects - Cancer treatments and cancer itself can cause a wide range of symptoms.  This section describes the different ways that cancer and treatments can affect a patient and details the treatments used to treat the problems.

Clinical Trials - Clinical trials are the way that new cancer treatments get tested and approved.  This section describes clinical trials and provides sources to help patients find clinical trials.

Survivorship - Cancer survivorship begins as soon as one is diagnosed.  This section of the website contains information to help cancer patients and their caregivers deal with the impact of cancer on their lives, both short and long term

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