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Thursday, October 25, 2012
The Gold Standard?! Using DNA And Nanoparticles To Deliver Chemotherapy
by Gregg Orloff

A major problem with standard chemotherapy is that is goes everywhere, harming many normal cells and causing serious side-effects. For years, researchers have been looking for ways to deliver the drugs directly to cancer cells. A new approach not only targets the chemotherapy drug, but adds in another way to kill the cancer cells. The approach is very clever and exciting, but a bit complicated Read more >>

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Care of Central Lines:

Many cancer patients require a central line. Learn the basics: how to clean the area, change the caps, and flush the lines.
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Philip Groom:
Melanoma Survivor

Philip Groom was diagnosed with melanoma while he was in high school. Hear about his journey to raise awareness about skin cancer and prevention.
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